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 The chords in G major are the same basic concept as the Major scale itself in that we will still only be using the same 7 notes. G A B C D E F# G or “Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do” in the key of G. In learning these chords we will introduce your basic chord qualities. In this lesson you will find guitar tab for the chords of the G Major scale, basic over all chord qualities and your basic chords using open strings




  What I am concentrating on with this lesson is the Major scale in five positions on the neck of the guitar. For this lesson we will play in the key of G. By learning G Major in five positions you will basically know ALL the notes in the key of G Major on the neck of the guitar. Understanding this will make it much easier when learning to improvise.

  My intention for this “Blog” is to provide a free guitar lesson, from scratch learning resource for beginner to intermediate guitar players.  I'm not here to teach songs you might want to learn. There are plenty of tableture sites for that. I am trying to teach you to play your own music. I’ll be covering everything from terminology of the instrument to basic theory and technique even songwriting. I am just trying to put out some basic information that I wish I’d have known a long time ago.

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