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Meaning Of Life

by Kevin West

Released 02/20/2015
Released 02/20/2015
  • 04:00 Lyrics Better Days

    Better Days

    *Tomorrow when I wake up I’m hoping for better days Better Days to make up for my wasted ways

    Tomorrow when I wake up I’m hoping for better days Better Days to make up for my wasted ways


    Tomorrow when I wake up I’ll raise up take a blaze of the haze up gaze up

    To the sky singing praise up thank god for giving me another day to mend my ways up

    I know I’ve been sinning but the world’s still spinning I’m standing on the edge but I’m looking over grinning

    Cause there’s still time to do something with my life starting today I’ll give it a try, try to make a move hatch a scheme

    Try and talk this little cutie right out of her jeans maybe I’ll get high and write some new rhymes


    (OC) Every day that I wake up I start it up with a half a Dutch in my ash tray light it up

    And conjure up some plans how to get this bread and write down some of this fire warming up in my head

    Thinking how I can make this day better than the last look back on my life and how it went so fast

    Life should be fun not seen as a task look for better days don’t live in the past

    (Ace) Songs became poetry over the years I developed my own style A dot C

    Grew up on Aerosmith Big Daddy Kane 18 tracks and nothin’ changed in the game

    Why waste words on diamonds and fancy things rather hear life’s stories and how ya changed

    Saw a lot of shit that made me change and that feel good potion always pumps through my veins


    I feel better things ya see I’m runnin’ round chasing silly dreams hatching schemes to expand my means

    I’ve been at it for a while ever since I was a child I’ve had no luck yet but somehow I still smile

    Cause I got hope plus a little bit of dope to smoke reminds me all the while that life is but a joke

    Seeking fortune and fame hoping for better days I can’t help but feel like 

Kevin West
Kevin West


                                                               A Chance To Say Goodbye

                                                                      By Kevin West


*I'd do any thing to see you again

Hear your voice somewhere other than in my head

Life is short I thought we'd have more time

Now I just wish I had a chance to say goodbye


Another chance to talk to you

A chance to laugh the way we used to

A chance to learn you taught me so much

You gave me life though it's been a little rough

If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be me

I don't even know where, who or what I'd be

So may your peace be deep like the love you leave behind

Knowing I still think about you all the time


A chance to play some of the old songs

from back in the day when we played all night long

A chance to sit around and reminisce

A chance to live again like I was a kid

You were my first friend in a kind of cruel world

But we laughed at it all cause we thought we were cool

And so now that your gone I'll keep singin" along

Knowing that you'd still want me to carry on


If in the end there's something more

Then I'll have another chance to say hello



Kevin West
Kevin West
Kevin West Band
Kevin West